Terrie Harris

Continued Care Provider in Santa Fe
Terrie Duda Harris, DOM has been practicing Chinese Medicine since 2003 and is a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine in the State of New Mexico. Since moving to New Mexico in 2010, Terrie’s primary focus has been working with veterans. She has conducted community acupuncture clinics for veterans for many years. She founded a clinic for female veterans, active duty, reserves, and their female family members in April of 2013. This clinic meets twice a month in Albuquerque. In November of 2015, two additional mixed gender clinics were added. Over the years Terrie has conducted community acupuncture clinics at the Health and Wellness Center at Kirtland AFB (9/12-9/14), at the Santa Fe Community College Veterans Resource Center (2017), and at various events such as Wellness Day and Spouse’s Appreciation Day at Kirtland and at Wellness Days sponsored by the New Mexico Department of Veterans Services Women Veterans program.

How did Terrie get here? Terrie first fell in love with Chinese Medicine in the early 1990s. Getting no answers or relief from Western Medicine for the daily headaches she was suffering, she turned to acupuncture. Acupuncture cleared the headaches and other chronic conditions she was experiencing. She was curious and captivated, and about 5 years after her first acupuncture treatment she began studying at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City. She left her first career (law) behind and never looked back. Pacific had a terrific and intense 4-year program where Terrie immersed herself and received a wonderful education. Also, around the time Terrie started studying Chinese Medicine, she began studying Energy Medicine and Healing with Dr. Jane Ely. Terrie has studied and worked with Jane for over 25 years. Terrie initially had a practice in New Jersey that was very full and rewarding. However, Terrie also had a lifelong dream of moving to New Mexico. In 2009 Terrie did a Vision Quest in Cochiti Canyon, New Mexico during which Spirit told her it was time to move to New Mexico. Following Spirit, Terrie transitioned her New Jersey practice to a trusted friend and moved to New Mexico in 2010. A longtime interest in working with veterans led Terrie to study with Acupuncturists Without Borders (12/11) a small nonprofit which offers training to acupuncturists in how to conduct community clinics centered around treating trauma and PTS.

For many years Terrie has continued her education by studying with Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, a modern-day Chinese Medicine master and an 88th generation Daoist priest. Terrie’s studies with Jeffrey not only enhanced her practice of acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese food energetics (nutrition), but also led Terrie to work with essential oils and stones according to ancient Chinese medical principles. Terrie’s studies with Jeffrey have infused her life and mindset with the spiritual aspects of Daoism.

Terrie has a small practice near Santa Fe, but since coming to New Mexico Terrie’s primary focus has been working with veterans.