Denise Janelle

Continued Care Provider in Angel Fire, Continued Care Provider in Eagle Nest, Continued Care Provider in Taos
Massage Therapist
I grew up as an Army Brat traveling from state to state. As a child I was struck by this extended family and community, that was created by being in the military, regardless of whether you are were active or not. I enjoy working around this familiar group as I assist the soldiers and their families with just a piece of their healing journey through massage therapy. It is an absolute honor to be part of this program and working with the veterans.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of New Mexico and have received over 980 hours of training from the Hawaiian Islands School of Massage, School for Traditional Thai Medical Massage, Aston Kinetics, the Upledger Institute and more. My specialties include: Deep Tissue, Hot Stone Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Abdominal Massage, Pressure Point, Thai Style, Cranial Sacral, Sports Massage, Aston Techniques, and Energy Balancing.

My primary focus in on releasing adhesions and scar tissue, working on injuries (old and new), relaxation, releasing adhered joints, medical massage, and structural alignment, all with the intention of the clients body working and performing better in its own rite. Every BODY is different so each massage is individually tailored to meet the clients needs and goals.