Retreat Overview

Important Notice: We are currently accepting applications based on 2012 funding.

National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center in Angel Fire is providing week long retreats for Veterans and their significant others who have been diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). Their retreats offer equine therapy, massage, yoga, acupuncture, art therapy, and reiki, along with individual couples and group counseling. The natural setting of Angel Fire in the Sangre de Cristo mountains is the perfect location to bring couples to a place where healing in nature is optimal. The Veteran couples experience Native American hand washing ceremony and storytelling of the warrior culture. These retreats are only possible with the help from our generous donors and grant funding.

Couples will experience a "Welcome Home" reception to start out the week with a theme for every day after that. Orientation and Connecting is the second day theme. The Past, where discussion takes the couples to the impact of deployment consists of the third day. The Present, concentrating on coming home and re-union along with reintegration skills is scheduled for days four and five. The Future focused on planning the future and goal setting is day six. Connecting and Resources, offering workforce solutions and veterans benefits along with ceremony is the last day of the retreat. Departure with feedback and evaluations ends with couples saying good bye with lasting friendships and support. It is a full week of tools and skills which will help the couples as they return to daily living.

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