retreatsImportant Notice: We are currently accepting applications based on funding availability.

National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center is providing week long retreats for Veterans, Active Duty Military, Reservists, and their significant others who have been diagnosed with PTS (post traumatic stress). The retreats offer traditional and non-traditional healing methods. Included throughout the week are a mix of Native American healing ceremonies, equine reintegration training, massage, yoga, aroma therapy, acupuncture, art therapy, reiki, along with couples and group counseling sessions. The natural setting of Angel Fire in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is the perfect location to bring couples to a place where nature can assist with the healing process. The number of retreat participant couples are kept small thus making each and every experience and tool which you are provided much more intimate. The retreats are only made possible through the generosity of donors and grant funding. (Click here to make a donation)

Opening Day offers a “Welcome Home” reception and dinner offers a time for the couples to get to know one another. Each day has a theme which allows the couples to progress through the educational, interactive sessions and then to partake in non-traditional healing modalities individually. Orientation Day and Connecting starts the process with equine reintegration training and “Warriors’ Welcome”. The Past offers time to discuss and become aware of the impact of deployment on both members of the couple. The Present offers insights on coming home and reunion of the couple. The Present Continues with reintegration skills into the family and the community. The Future moves into the tools for planning the future and goal setting. The last full day offers skills of Connecting and the Resources available to our couples as they return back to their home communities. Finally the Departure Day is for assessing progress and saying goodbye until we meet again.

For more information contact Janice Podell, Executive Director at 575-377-5236 or email hidden; JavaScript is required.


The 2018 Retreats have been scheduled for the following dates:

  • May 6-13
  • May 20-27 -Female only, MST retreat
  • June 6-13 – in Red River, NM
  • August 5-12
  • September 16-23
  • October 7-14

All Retreats are a total of seven and a half (7 1/2) days. All attendees must commit to the full seven and a half days.

All lodging, meals and meetings are paid by National Veterans Wellness and Healing. Transportation to and from the Retreats is the responsibility of the attendees.

Fill out an application, scan and send to: email hidden; JavaScript is required or mail to P.O. Box 805, Angel Fire, NM 87110. If you have questions and/or want to secure a place at one of these retreats, please call 575-377-5236 to speak with a representative.

Retreat Criteria

  • Veteran must have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress (indicate date and by whom/where diagnosed in application).
  •  Veteran must attend with partner or support person (spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, sibling, close friend, fellow vet from PTS support group, or similar existing and continuing close relationship).  Contact the Center if you have unusual circumstances regarding a partner.