Stacey Long

Continued Care Provider in Albuquerque

I am so happy to have an opportunity to be of service to those who have served our country.

I hold a degree in human services, with an emphasis on counseling people from diverse backgrounds and from all walks of life.

As a Reiki master I am able to help others experience a sense of deep peace and calm. After the Reiki session, which is done in silence, I am able to share helpful feedback based on the energy of the individual.

I would like to emphasize that Reiki is always gentle, and honors each person's place in their process. It is of great importance to me to create a safe and healing environment for everyone who walks through my door.

As someone who experienced extreme circumstances during the first 30 plus years of life, I am understanding and sympathetic to the suffering experienced with PTSD.

I grew up with a step father who was a veteran, as was his father. Having worked hard to overcome my own circumstances has given me powerful tools to utilize.

It is with great gratitude and enthusiasm that I may share these healing possibilities with others. If you have any questions about Reiki or my practice please feel free to contact me.