Danelle Becklund

Continued Care Provider in Albuquerque
Holistic Coaching, EMDR, EFT (Starting Dec. 1)

Danelle Becklund, MA, LPCC has a Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Danelle has been working in the mental health field for over 25years with children, teens, and adults. Most of her career in mental health has been spent helping people through issues related to grief and loss, anxiety, past trauma, and depression. She has extensive training in hypnosis and recently did a 100 hour clinical hypnosis program with Dr. Michael Yako in CA. She also has training in EMDR, CBT, EFT, Mindfulness, Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils, and Energy Healing. She has used these invaluable tools to help her clients lead more peaceful lives. Danelle has gone through her own treatment using EMDR and Hypnosis to help her work through her own traumatic issues from childhood and medical issues. Danelle practices self hypnosis and meditation on a daily basis. She has taught classes on managing stress with use of hypnosis and other techniques. She enjoys using her creativity in working with clients who have a history of PTS, anxiety, and depression. She currently is a contract therapist for the Enchantment Center and owns her own private practice called InnerSpiral Hypnotherapy in Albuquerque, NM. She has has gone on to receive education and certification in different types of energy healing including, Access Consciousness, Eden Energy Medicine, and Reiki. She continues to enjoy taking classes in Energy Healing, Hypnosis, and Regression techniques. She does healing techniques on herself on a daily basis. She has worked these techniques into her practice with clients. Danelle feels the plants speak to her in their own unique way. She has had many teachers and has studied plant medicine for 15 years. She has studied with a Master Herbalist as an apprentice off and on for five years. She holds her relationship with plants as sacred and healing. She feels these plants can be allies in finding balance with mind, body, and spirit. The plants have helped her over the years with maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Danelle enjoys spending time with her family and friends, outdoors, hiking, making herbal remedies, doing yoga, singing, and traveling. She meditate daily and uses hypnosis, herbs and essential oils and energy healing to help her manage stress and pain issues.